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Is it possible to turn small change into a decent Jaguar in only 5 years?

Johan Norlund

After coming to the conclusion that I during the past 5 years have spent easily over $15,000 on complete rubbish, it’s time for a change.

Every day we all (well, most of us) make lots of small purchases that we think we can afford. Small expenses that doesn’t directly affect our personal economy, but in the long run turn out to be quite a shitload of money. Kind of a bummer, huh?

I want to see if all this small change (”nothing” as we often refer to it as) can buy me a Jaguar in 5 years time or less.

So, every time I feel the urge to buy a candy bar, a bag of crisps, a meal at the local burger joint (etc, etc), I will either:

a) Not make the purchase at all, or
b) Buy a similar, cheaper, product.

I will then transfer the amount I just saved to a savings account that will not be touched until March 19, 2022 or until I have enough money to buy a decent ($12,000+) second hand Jaguar. I will also post a pic of each product I didn't buy (or bought instead), together with savings info in the grid below. YEAH!

Johan Norlund

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